Why on Earth the commands at this blog are in Portuguese?
November: Washing machine looks funny. Brother says it´s making some funny noise. Says it´s a dead end and machine will stop soon.

December: Machine stops.

January: Looking for someone to fix it. Of course they charge a fortune. Call pieces dealer and find out that pieces cost 20 reais. Handyman tells me that what´s really expensive is his work (180 reais). I wonder what masterpiece he should deliver when ready. For 60 an hour, he should build a new washer. Told him to scram and now I´ll try to fix it myself.

Any ideas?

Vacations are almost done...

...and I am almost happy about it.

No matching.

I don´t know about you guys, but just honest and washing machine menders are adjectives that will never match!

Real life is weirder than fiction...

I know I say it a lot, but WHAT ON EARTH WAS BUSH THINKING when he decided to visit Israel, Palestine, you name it?
Maybe buying some kosher goods?

The first post!

Okdk, everyone. So this is the first post at our What r u talking about....Here we shall have many of some lot, and if you don´t speak English, don´t worry: Spanish, Italian and even some French may pop around here.

So, let´s give it a try!