Hard Work?

Many courses promise you: If you study with us, you will be speaking in six months. If you come to our institution, you´ll be fluent in a year.

All lies and nothing else. Learning a language requires HARD WORK, COMMITMENT and PATIENCE. Words that have been banned from marketing vocabulary to attract lazy people that would fall for ideas of big gain and no work at all.

I am sorry, lads, but in which world do you live? Where have you seen big (and honest) earning and no sweat? There is no such thing. To be a decent language user, you will have to be/make yourself exposed to it. And by that I mean: reading, listening to music, news, writing and speaking English at any opportunity presented.

Did I mention reading and writing? YEAH, I DID. When you read and look up for words, when you write and go through the process of editing and studying your text, your learning process moves a little faster and it also gets more solid. But again, we´re talking about HARD WORK.

Start today. Get a book at the library. Read it aloud, read it silenty. Check the words. Then write a nice report, a review, a parody. Just put language and your brains to work, the journey to a new world starts with the first page. And please, allow me to be your merry co-pilot.

And What´s in a Preposition?

Maybe not what´s in, but on. Or should I say.... at?

Click here and find out!