Friday @ school.

Most of it was about reviews.

8th year people, don´t forget to do your homework, ok? The issue in class was the present simple. There´s some theory here and here.

Some exercises are available here and here. There´s some more here, too. All you have to do is click "next exercise" when you finish the page.




Where you see pictures...

Moebius Net

Lorenz Attractor

Hyperbolic Dodecahedron

...in fact, it´s Maths!

These are mathematical equations, believe it or not! Some may be difficult for you now, but learning is a path and infinite its limit! :-)

Ancient Greece.

Hey, guys! How was life in Ancient Greece? I guess they all had smelly feet!

Want to know more? Click at the picture below and learn some more!

There is a lot to see: movies, cartoons, stories.
Have fun!

More about LHC.

Go read Alpinekat´s blog. There are other news and also they make fun of journalists that try to scare people on these videos. It´s all about making headlines to sell magazines, or saying silly things - like the Hawaii guy - to get their minutes of fame.

That´s why I keep saying: GET INFORMED! Read, ask, study, GET TO KNOW! If you are well informed, you won´t be afraid of things!

And there was NOT the end of the world...

I was right.

Read some more here. Anyway, that was just the beginning. The real collision happens by the end of the year, but so far we know nothing will go wrong. Science moves ahead, and that´s the way things must be!

Remember: ignorance leads to fear. Read, get informed, talk to friends, ask questions and never feel frightened again! :-D

Never stop asking questions.

Today at school!

Eight year

We started a big review. Today´s topics:

*Present Simple - this link is theory only.

*Present Continuous - this link is theory, too.

Exercises here and here.

Wednesday at school.


7th year A and 7th year B
We read page 61 and did exercises 2 and 3. There was also explanation on Possessive adjectives and Possessive Pronouns.

Exercises here and here. We did page 62 in class, but it´s not checked. Page 63 n6 from student book is homework.

6th year B
Homework checking and prepositions of time. We worked on at,in,on, but if you want to learn more, please go ahead! :-D

Extra exercises here. We also did and checked page 47 n.8 at our student book.

Homework: pages 48, 49, 50 from student book and Unit 10 at workbook.


Today at school!

6th year A
We corrected homework.

7th year B
We corrected homework.

Kind of monotonous, isn´t it?


Aren´t them cute?

Check here and buy yours!

You can have

Dark Matter

or even a

Higgins Bosom!

Be like the Nobel Prize Dr. David Gross!
Have yours!


Ok, more info.

As far as I could find out, the LHC first beam will be from 09:00 to 18:00 (Europe/Zurich time) and it will be broadcasted here.

Zurich is five hours ahead of Rio. That means the LHC will be turned on at 3AM, Brazil´s time.

I´ll be awake and waiting for the web broadcast. And you?

Just a remark.

This is a blog in English, right?
So it´s no use searching this blog for words in...portuguese.

Trabalhos escolares = handouts, papers. ;-)


Today at school!

Well, as today we had to sing our national anthem, class time was kind of short. Anyway, 8th year had all homework checked and a handout on past tense of verb to be was delivered...of course, it´s due to tomorrow. Oh, and of course, there was some chat on LHC, our issue of the moment and surely someone said it´s going to be the end of the world blahblahblah.

Lads, sometimes I´m on Galileo´s shoes... :-P

See you, guys!


Web Tips for the weekend..

You know, in case it rains. It´s always better than Orkuting till you drop...

Today at school!

7th year A: We checked all homework, but unfortunately, lots of people "forgot" doing it. Remember, no pain, no gain, and even Einstein had to work hard to get his Theory...

Alex, Mandy, Thiago and someone who has no name have already handed in the adverbs paper. They have been checked and returned but they need reviewing.

A handout on some/any and possessives was handed in today and it´s due to next Wednesday.

7th year B: We´ve been through pages 57 and 60. Also, there were comments on adverbs - on notebook.
Homework: pages 21 to 24 from workbook and also 60, 92 and 120 from Student Book. Due to Wednesday. A handout on some/any and possessives was handed in today and it´s due to next Wednesday as well.

6th year B: Homework checked, as usual, and some talk about time telling. There´s some fun game here, but you have to be really fast! We started working on prepositions of time, but nothing really relevant.

Homework: Workbook page 19 and Student Book pages 117,118 and 90.


Fun stuff!

Man survives to 100feet fall.
That´s around 30 metres, just for the record.

And that´s true. Have you ever noticed cows always point North? Here´s the reason why!

Friday at school..

8th year people:

We checked unit 10 and the review (pages 49 and 50) was homework, as well as the pages 90 and 118 from the student book, too. At the workbook, please do unit 10.

Ah, by the way....Spelling bee words:


Don´t forget your red pens for next class, ok?

Today at school!

7th year B:

Pages 55, 56. Explanations on adverbs. You can learn some more here. You can also practice here and here.

The research on adverbs is a walk in the park: all you have to do is collect 3 samples from BBC, copy paste them on Word, separate all adverbs, classify and then count them! Easy, huh?

No homework for today, as we´re still on for tomorrow. :-)

To Paulie, with love!

We miss you!

Today at school!

6th year A:
Page 45, 46 and 47 from the student book. Some explanation on plural and singular forms are on the notebook - exercises here and here.

Also, there were explanations on prepositions of time. You can find exercices about it here.

Homework is long: student book pages 48, 49, 50, 89, 90 and 118. Workbook: Unit 10.
Remember there´s a week to do it, and it shall be corrected next class, so DON´T FORGET your red pens!

6th year B:
Page 45, 46 and 47 from the student book. Some explanation on plural and singular forms are on the notebook - exercises here and here.

No homework, as we´re meeting again this week.


I tell you....

LHC First Beam on 10 September 2008.

It´s on the site. Srlsy.

While we wait, let´s sing the LHC rap!