What is an adverb?

Adverbs tell you the manner, the place and time. They don´t teel you about quality.
See below!

Jane drives slowly.
The party is going to take place here.
I called him yesterday.

Many adverbs end with the suffix -LY.


Asking questions!

Word in context
Junko plays tennis aggressively.
How does Junko play tennis?
Yes -- uses HOW.
They have a small house.
What kind of house do they have?
No -- uses WHAT KIND OF, so this is an adjective.
Matthew called the police immediately.
When did Matthew call the police?
Yes -- uses WHEN.

Comparatives are easy!

Check how much do you know here and here.

Don´t forget: comparative is one on one! Superlative is when you have to pick one among many!

Having problems with the present continous and present simple?

Not anymore! Click here for theory on Present Simple and here for theory on Present Continuous.

Oh, of course. Click here and here for exercises!

Exams are coming!

Attention, 6th to 8th year! Exams are just around the corner!They may happen anytime from the 30th of April to May 8th!

Study hard and pay some real attention to what´s on your notebooks!


Therefore, we have two choices...

... Romeo&Juliet or The Raven!

The New Essay

As I have told some of my beloved students from the eight year, probably The Raven will be our next reading.

This poem was written by Edgar Allan Poe. He wrote a lot of horror stories and poems. The Raven is one of his most famous work and it has been adapted to movies, plays and even Simpson cartoons

I think we won´t read the whole poem, but it´s worth giving it a try!:-)




Guys, is it true that people are already worried about next essay?
Please, don´t. Worrying about it is useless.

But think of Shakespeare.

Hey, I just said THINK, not WORRY!

Go and watch the movie, at least! In English, with subtitles, please!

Odysseus and the Cyclops made Easy!

Click here.


New trends at school.

Why is everyone wearing mini hats in the middle of their foreheads?

Object Pronouns.

They are used when what you are talking about is an OBJETC, may it be direct or indirect.


Give it to HIM.

If you give something, you give it TO someone. Him is not doing anything, he´s not the subject of this action. He´s the object.

Object pronouns are me, you, him, her, it, us, and them.

Exercise link

6 th and 7 th year people - HELL-O!

Some of you are really going crazy over the composition on countries, right?

Hey: you don´t have to write a book on the country, so please be simple. Check pictures, check sites in Portuguese. The aim is not only language, it´s also for you to see that there is more in the world than Disneyworld! Just say where the country is, an important person for them, if you liked what you saw.

Be simple. :-D

On Cyclops and Odysseus.

at Cartoon Stock

Guys, here´s the link in Portuguese for tomorrow´s paper. Of COURSE you´re supposed to write the review in English.

Fell free to send me your papers for review. Lopresti has already done that!


Back home, here I come!

Lads and ladies!
As most of you already know, marks haven´t been that great though some where really amazing. To avoid bad surprises at the exams - yes, they´re knocking at your doors - some tips and links with exercises will be posted here on a regular basis.

Hope you guys enjoy it!