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That´s all I can do.

Good luck!

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Verb tenses can´t make you tense.

Present simple

It´s for habits. You use the auxiliars do/does for questions and add NOT when it´s a negative.

In the affirmative, remember to add -ES ( verbs ended in -ss, -ch-sh, -o) or -IES (when Y is after a consonant). When you have the negative, you don´t need it because you have DOES to indicate.

The word order!
Affirmative: S V O
Negative: S Aux+NOT V
Interrogative: Aux S V

Present continuous:

It´s for actions now, exceptions, near future, future scheduled.

Auxiliar: verb to be ( AM, IS,ARE)

The word order:
Affirmative: S Aux [ V+ING ]
Negative: S ( Aux + NOT ) [ V+ING ]
Interrogative: Aux S [ V+ING ]

Past Simple:

It´s for FINISHED ACTIONS in the past.

Auxiliar: DID

Regular verbs: Just add ED to the verb in the affirmative.
Irregular verbs: Check here.

The word order!
Affirmative: S V O
Negative: S Aux+NOT V
Interrogative: Aux S V

ATTENTION: negative and interrogative CAN´T HAVE THE VERB IN THE PAST!

Eg: She liked apples.
Neg: She did not LIKE apples.
Int: Did she LIKE apples?

Future with will:

It´s for distant future and actions decided at the moment of speaking.

Auxiliar: WILL

The word order!

Affirmative: S Aux V
Negative: S Aux+ NOT V
Interrogative: Aux S V

And don´t forget: once in hell, ask the devil for a dance. ;-)

Attention, eight year!

Tomorrow, try doing it slowly and carefully.

AND, PLEASE, READ AGAIN! A lot of people simply miss a lot of things because they don´t consider reviewing.

Good luck!


There are a lot of grammar exercises...


Do as much as you can! I don´t want you guys around in December! ;-)

PS: It´s I HAVE grammar. It´s a JOKE, got it?

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