Well, eight year...

That´s all I can do.

Good luck!


Lolô said...

Hello again!

At the school I visited your blog and showed to my classmates.The Reading Exercises help me a lot! And I could use to advantage the time of my class of Technological Development to learn english.



Anonymous said...

hi miss serpa,
eu estou me esforsando muito
para ser uma aluna melhor! :]
#_# please help me!!!!
Manu Cemp

Jade said...

Hi teacher Anabela , how are you ? ♥ ....

Xoxo Jade and Lucas .


Ms. Anabela said...

Lolô, just spread the word...hehehe

Manu, keep up the good work!

Jade and Lucas, cool here, just afraid of the storm coming..o.O

Anonymous said...

hi teacher !

Lucas Fernandes said...

Oi mis bela tudo bem vim aki visitar o seu blog esta muito legal bjs

Lucas Fernandes Di Benedetto

CEMP 6 Ano A

Jéssica said...

hi techer ,
here is Jéssica 7ºA .
how are you ?
next wednesday I have to take a postcard ?
kisses for you .
Jéssi :*