Guys, most of classes have already have their first call with me. Therefore, you know how things will be this year, but a small reminder is never too much.

1 - If you have to miss class, LET ME KNOW BY EMAIL. It can be really helpful for both of us.
2 - No chatting during classes. I won´t yell to overcome your voices.
3 - Homework is homework. Do it at HOME, not in class.
4 - If homework is not done, I´ll stamp your books.
5 - Abduction happens. Try me.
6 - Whatever is on the board, is on my notebook. Anything you need, just ask me for a copy.
7 - This is an English class blog. So, this blog is in English. Use the dictionary or Google Language Tools. Take a chance and put down new words on your notebook.
8 - Bring all material: book, notebook, dictionary and our dear and beloved red pen. Students with no material won´t be allowed to be in class.
9 - Deadlines will be respected, believe me.
10 - If you think English is not important, check English marks at the public Universities. A low mark in English may mean not classified, and that shall trash out a year of your life.

Have a great year!


Jade said...

Hello teacher ! I copied something from your blog . Ok ?

Ms. Anabela said...


J├ęssica said...

I don't like the rule number five.