This is THE girl!

Congratas to 18 year old Francine Grotto Arida, from Mauá, SP, the first at Fuvest! She was a public school student who basically got 939,6 points out of a THOUSAND!! Saying she is great is not enough to the girl! She is super! :-D

Read more here - it´s in portuguese - and spread the news! I wonder if something like this can make other girls be sure that there´s more in life than dreaming of being nothing more than a pretty face. Maybe a girl will believe more in herself instead of believing the best that could ever happen to her is finding a partner to pay her bills. Or maybe that maths and engineering are not only for boys?

Maybe some girl when reading this, will see that intelligence is also cool - and needs no botox , starvation or constant surgery. Maybe someone will look at her books and think that they are the promise to a better and bright future and studying is much better than dieting like crazy, dancing bizarrely or straightening her hair so much and so often you can be bald before you´re 40.

Be Francine! Be you! Be a smart, wonderful girl!

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so passei para dizer oi