I would...if I could...

Hello, sixth year. So now we have conditional. Big deal. The use of would has to do with many things, but in our specific case, we deal with conditions.

For example:
I would go to the beach - but I probably can´t.

Sometimes, what we are trying to do when communicating is merely being polite.

For instance:
Would you like some tea?

It´s not we´re conditioning anything, but just giving our speaker the chance to refuse our offer...or request, as in I would like some water, please.

Sometimes, it´s just the past of will.
I knew that she
would be very successful in her career. - that means time passed and your guess was right!

To practice the use of would, just get the sheet I will hand in to you next week. There shall be a key for you to check your answers, so there´s no excuse for not doing it whatsoever.

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